Procedure: ordinances
Ordinance for cancelling [John Stewart], earl of Traquair's declaration out of the books of council

The which day, regarding the supplication given in to the estates of parliament by the commissioners for the kirk, whereof the tenor follows: To the right honourable the estates of parliament, we the commissioners of the kirk do humbly supplicate that your honours will be pleased to take to your serious consideration the act of the late assembly herewith presented for deleting and cancelling out of the records of council the declarations of John, earl of Traquair urged by himself after the rising of the assembly and inserted therein to the prejudice of the acts of the assembly at Edinburgh 1639, which his majesty in his gracious letter to this late assembly promises to establish; that the same being cancelled by your honours, the kirk may be freed of her fears, encouraged to expect his majesty's gracious performance, and the more enabled to render all cheerful and dutiful obedience to his royal person and government, and your honours answer humbly we beseech. Which supplication, with the act of the assembly therewith produced, being upon 11 August instant read in audience of the estates of parliament, they continued to give answer thereto until this day that they were advised therewith, and the same supplication and act foresaid being this day of new read again and taken to consideration by the estates of parliament, they found the desire thereof above-mentioned reasonable and granted the same, and therefore ordained the foresaid declarations to be cancelled and deleted out of the books of council.

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Ordinance concerning [Archibald Napier], lord Napier and lairds [Sir George Stirling] of Keir and [Sir Archibald Stewart of] Blackhall

The which day the three supplications given in to the parliament by the Lord Napier, the lairds of Keir and Blackhall, all desiring that Sir Lewis Stewart, Mr John Gilmour, Master John Nisbet and Master Robert MacGill may be commanded to consult and plead for them, and that the supplicants may have liberty to meet and consult together, being all three read in audience of the estates in parliament, they allow Master John Nisbet, Master John Gilmour and Master Robert MacGill to plead and do the duty of advocates for the supplicants, and also allow any advocates to consult with them, and all friends to meet with them in the same terms as were granted to [James Graham], earl of Montrose, and allow [Margaret Napier], lady Keir to meet with her husband.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.89r. Back