Procedure: ordinance in favour of Elizabeth Ross
Ordinance of parliament in favour of Elizabeth Ross, widow of the late Donald Roy, miller

The which day the estates of parliament, having read and considered the supplication given in to them by Elizabeth Ross, widow of the said the late Donald Roy, miller, desiring a command to [Sir James Carmichael], treasurer depute, and lords of exchequer that no remission nor respite be passed to those men who slew her husband without a letter of slains, unless she be called thereto and heard thereupon, the said estates of parliament ordain the treasurer depute and lords of exchequer to pass no remission nor respite in favour of the parties contained in the supplication for the foresaid slaughter until the supplicant be first called thereto and heard thereupon.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.85v. Back
  2. Defined in DSL as a document issued by the kin of a murdered person stating that no (further) liability for the crime existed, normally a result of acceptable satisfaction or reparation. Back