Procedure: commission to the Earl of Galloway
Commission by the parliament to [Alexander Stewart], earl of Galloway for apprehending Thomas MacKie

The which day the supplication from the presbytery of Wigtown to the general assembly, craving that Thomas MacKie, notary, might be apprehended for some notorious offences therein contained, being represented from the assembly to the parliament and their civil power craved therein, and being read in audience of the parliament, the estates of parliament have given and granted and give and grant full power and commission to Alexander, earl of Galloway, or any others whom he shall appoint, to search, seek, take and apprehend the said Thomas MacKie and to stop and present him before the parliament between now and this day 15 days, between now and the which time the said estates ordain the said Alexander, earl of Galloway, or any others whom he shall appoint in the execution of this commission, to bring and produce the said Thomas MacKie before the estates of parliament, that they may thereafter take such further course relating thereto as they after trial and consideration of the business shall think expedient; and ordain the commission to be subscribed by [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of Burleigh], president of the parliament.

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