Warrant: for the sitting of the exchequer
Warrant by the parliament to the exchequer for the sitting thereof

The which day the supplication given in to the parliament by [Sir James Carmichael], treasurer depute, and lords of exchequer, desiring liberty to hold exchequer for receiving the king's rents and passing signatures, being read in audience of the parliament, the estates of parliament dispense with the sitting of the exchequer for receiving his majesty's rents which are voluntarily paid without compulsitor, and also upon passing signatures upon the conditions following, namely: providing that no signatures be passed in the name or to the benefit of any persons cited to the parliament and that no signature shall be prejudicial to any party who has been employed in the army or service of the public affairs, and also that no signatures be passed which bear to be granted with consent of [John Stewart], earl of Traquair, treasurer, or are docked and subscribed with his hand since he was commissioner to the parliament before the said signatures be represented in parliament, without prejudice always of those signatures which are passed the exchequer before the date of this warrant, to which this present ordinance shall in no way be prejudicial, albeit the same bear to be granted with consent of the said Earl of Traquair or docked with his hand.

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