Committee Members: committee for the bills
Committee for the bills

The estates of parliament nominate and appoint the committee underwritten for considering all bills and supplications exhibited or to be exhibited in parliament, namely: for the nobility, [John Erskine], earl of Mar and [John Lyon, earl of] Kinghorn, [Alexander Elphinstone], lord Elphinstone and [James Johnstone, lord] Johnstone; for the barons, the lairds [Sir William Forbes] of Craigievar, [Sir Gilbert Ramsay of] Balmain, [Sir John Moncreiffe of] Moncreiffe and [Sir Thomas Ruthven of] Freeland; for the burghs, [David Anderson], the commissioner of Cupar, [George Gardyne, commissioner for] Burntisland, [Master Robert Cunningham, commissioner for] Kinghorn and [David Spence, commissioner for] Rutherglen, with power to them to hear and prepare the said supplications, grant citations thereupon and to report in audience of the whole estates of parliament, and ordain the citations and the deliverance for them to be subscribed by each estate of that committee.

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