Rolls called and prayers said.

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Procedure: commission to revise signatures passed in the exchequer

Regarding the warrant directed to the lords of exchequer commanding them, after receipt thereof, to proceed no further without prejudice of the signatures passed before the warrant,

The estates of parliament appoint [James Livingstone, lord Almond], lieutenant general, and [William Cunningham], earl of Glencairn for the noblemen, the lairds [Sir Henry Montgomery] of Giffen and [James Lyon of] Auldbar for the barons and [Master Robert Barclay], the commissioner of Irvine and [John Semple of Stainflett, commissioner for] Dumbarton for the burghs, to see the signatures already passed in exchequer before the production of the warrant, and take notice thereof if the same be prejudicial to the public.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.74v. Back