Procedure: fines for absence from parliament

The estates of parliament agree and ordain that no nobleman, commissioner for the barons or burghs be absent from the session of parliament without leave asked and given from [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of Burleigh], president, and whole house under the pains following, namely: £20 for each nobleman, 20 merks for each baron and 10 merks for each commissioner of a burgh, and this for each day's absence; and appoint the half thereof for each session's absence when there are two sessions in the day on every occasion, but where there is only one session in the day to pay the whole penalty for one day's absence; and ordains a perfect roll to be made of the whole persons who should compear in parliament that the absents may be fined according to the acts of parliament and order given for uplifting and exacting thereof.

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