Procedure: continuation of the parliament
Act 3
Act regarding the continuation of the parliament to 13 April 1641, with continuation of days

The estates of parliament, presently convened by his majesty's special authority, yet as of before continue this present parliament and all summons and actions intended or depending, with all supplications, grievances and other matters belonging to the said parliament, to 13 April next, with continuation of days; and that for satisfaction of his majesty's gracious desire signified by his majesty's letter directed to the estates to that effect, bearing date 31 December 1640, and also for sundry grave and weighty considerations concerning the well of the estate, kirk and kingdom known to the estates, at the which 13 April ordain the whole estates to be present and to attend at Edinburgh or where it shall happen the same to be held for the time, without prejudice always to the power granted to the committees of estates contained in the act of this present parliament made relating thereto, dated 11 June last, and mentioned in the last act of continuation thereof bearing date 19 November 1640. And in the meantime the estates declare the said parliament to be current to the effect above-written to the day foresaid, with continuation of days, and ordain the whole acts and statutes made and concluded in plain parliament in that session thereof in June last, together with all former acts of continuation made by the said estates, to stand and have the force and strength of laws and acts, according to the tenors thereof, in the same way as any acts and statutes of any preceding parliaments in any time bygone, and namely (without prejudice of the generality foresaid) the act of the committee of estates to stands in full force in all clauses thereof until it be discharged by the estates, and ordain the foresaid acts, with the act of election of Robert [Balfour], lord [Balfour of] Burleigh to be president at this meeting of estates, together with this present act of continuation, to be published and printed according to the last act of continuation of the date foresaid, notwithstanding of this present continuation of the parliament to the day above-written.

The continuation of the parliament to the day foresaid was publicly intimated by a macer of parliament to the whole estates and all others, his majesty's lieges, whereupon the said Robert, lord Burleigh, president of the parliament, in name of the estates, asked instruments.

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