Procedure: protest
Act 58
Protestation for William Dick, provost of Edinburgh, regarding the custom of ammunition

The which day compeared personally in presence of the estates of parliament William Dick, provost of Edinburgh, and produced the paper and protestation, whereof the tenor follows: My lord provost takes instruments upon the reading, voicing and allowing of the act of parliament regarding the freeing of ammunition from payment of custom, and that the same is expressly extended to all ammunition brought in since the year of God 1637; and in respect he has paid to [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], my lord treasurer, the whole tack duty of the customs for the years of God 1638 and 1639, therefore he protests that he may have restitution of so much of the first and readiest of his majesty's rents and customs payable by him and the collectors thereof to my lord treasurer as will extend to the rest of the customs of ammunition brought in the said two years and whereof the protester has not got payment from the merchants and other importers of ammunition the said two years bygone. Which paper, containing the instrument and protestation above-written, produced in manner foresaid, was publicly read, voiced and admitted in parliament by the estates foresaid.

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