Procedure: explanation and declaration concerning bonds and conventions
Act 14
Explaining the preceding acts of parliament made against bonds and conventions amongst the subjects, as also declaring the bonds and conventions made and kept since the beginning of the present troubles to be lawful

Forasmuch as the estates of parliament, presently convened by his majesty's special authority, considering that by the 12th act of the 10th parliament of the king's majesty's late dearest father of eternal memory, all leagues and bonds amongst the subjects are discharged, and by the 131st act of the 8th parliament of the king's late dearest father all councils, conventions or assemblies without the king's command and licence are also discharged under the pains ordained by the acts of parliament against such as unlawfully convocates the king's lieges, and that also by sundry other preceding statutes and acts of parliament made by his majesty's most noble progenitors the foresaid leagues, bonds, councils, conventions and meetings are likewise discharged. And herewith also the said estates, taking to their consideration what was the true end and meaning for making of the foresaid acts, and how far the same in equity and reason can be extended, find and declare that the foresaid acts and laws particularly and generally before expressed are not, nor cannot be, extended against any bonds, leagues, councils, conventions, assemblies, committees or meetings made, held and kept by the subjects for maintenance and preservation of the king's majesty, the religion, laws and liberties of the kingdom, or for the public good, either of kirk or state, but the said estates find and declare that all these bonds, conventions, committees and other meetings made and kept by the estates and subjects of this kingdom for the public good of king, kirk and state and intended for the defence and preservation thereof from the beginning of these present troubles are not prohibited and discharged by the foresaid laws and acts of parliament particularly and generally before rehearsed, nor none of them, and can in no way be understood nor interpreted to fall within the compass of the discharge and prohibition of the foresaid acts and do in no way contravene the same nor none of them. And therefore the said estates ratify, approve and allow all the said bonds, conventions, committees and other meetings which are and have been made and kept within this kingdom for the defence and preservation of the king's majesty, the religion, liberties and laws of this kirk and kingdom since the beginning of the present troubles thereof, and declare the same to be lawful and legal deeds, and that they do in no way contravene the foresaid acts of parliament respectively above-mentioned nor none of them nor no other law nor constitution of this kingdom.

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