Committee Members: committee for revising the papers debated in the articles in 1639
Committee for revising the papers discussed in articles in 1639

The which day the estates appoint that there shall be a committee for revising the papers formerly discussed in the articles and reporting the same to the parliament, which committee shall be of an equal number of all estates, and those of the committee shall be chosen by the whole body of the estates indiscriminately and together and not separately by each one of three estates apart; and appoints four of every one of the three estates for this committee, namely: [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll and [John Leslie, earl of] Rothes, [John Elphinstone], lord Balmerino and [Archibald Napier, lord] Napier for the nobility; the lairds [Sir George Stirling] of Keir, [Sir Patrick Hepburn of] Waughton, [William Drummond of] Riccarton and [Sir Thomas Hope of] Kerse for the barons; and [John Smith of Grotehill or Richard Maxwell], the commissioners of the burgh of Edinburgh, [James Fletcher, commissioner for] Dundee, [John Osborne, commissioner for] Ayr and [Master Robert Cunningham, commissioner for] Kinghorn for the burghs, whom ordains to meet and report to the parliament.

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