Procedure: election of Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of Burleigh as president of the parliament

The which day, after divine service, the whole body of the estates now convened in parliament, by his majesty's special indiction and authority, did unanimously elect and choose Robert [Balfour], lord [Balfour of] Burleigh to be president of this meeting of estates in parliament. And thereafter the said president and whole body of estates foresaid retired to the inner house from the great parliament house where, after debating, it was appointed that it should be publicly intimated in the outer parliament house and at the doors thereof that if there was any person having warrant from his majesty's commissioner, or any other person pretending voice or place in parliament who had anything to represent thereto, that they should presently appear before this high court of parliament now convened, which accordingly was executed by a clerk and a macer.

Follows the acts and other matters passed and done in this session of parliament, beginning 2 June 1640 and ending 11 June.

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