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9 September 1639

[Supplication of the noblemen and commissioners for the shires in the north against the Marquis of Huntly]

Supplication against [George Gordon], marquis of Huntly in the articles 1639

To [John Stewart, earl of Traquair], the commissioner's grace, and most honourable estates of this present parliament, the humble petition of the noblemen and commissioners for shires after-specified.

To your grace and to your lords and other members of this present high court of parliament, we, the under-subscribers, your most humble petitioners, do humbly show the pitiful case and more than lamentable condition of the north parts of this kingdom, namely: the sheriffdoms of Perth, Angus, Kincardine, Aberdeen, Banff, Elgin, Nairn and Inverness which lie under the heavy oppression of broken highlanders, the MacGregors and others of that quality who now are come to that height of insolence that unless they be repressed in time, all trading and travelling, indeed all labouring of the ground, is likely to surcease.

May it therefore please your grace and most honourable estates to take some present and speedy course in such an exigent for remedying of these great evils, the particular grievances and overtures for redress thereof we shall be ready to represent to your grace and honours when we shall receive the necessary favour of present audience.

To which and ever we rest your grace and honours' humble petitioners.

We most humbly beseech your grace and other members of this high court of parliament that, seeing the business above-written, which closely concerns the peace of the country, is offered to be proven that the same shall reflect against the Marquis of Huntly under the pain of death that, therefore, your grace will be pleased to ordain the said marquis presently to find caution that he shall not remove from the burgh of Edinburgh until this business be fully heard and put to a point.

9 September 1639

The lord commissioner's grace and lords of the articles refuse to att[end] to that part of the within written supplication which is subjoined to the [supplication] or to give answer thereto, in respect it is not subscribed. And for the part which is subscribed, in respect the same is general, ordain the supplicants to condescend and be special upon the facts complained upon, and upon the persons committers and sufferers of the wrongs specified therein. And thereafter will give answer to the supplication.

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