[Infeftments of small vassals; act amended and approved; acts to be taken into further considerations; acts refused]

Regarding the supplication presented by [Sir John Scott of] Scotstarvit, director of the chancellery, craving that warrant may be given to the clerk for presenting the two different frames of acts to the parliament, the one leaving it arbitrary to the lieges either to go by the treasurer's register, or otherwise by the quarter seal, at the lieges' option; or otherwise that frame presented by the said director of the chancellery, ordaining the director of chancellery, upon the signature passed the exchequer and registering in the treasurer's register, for such portions of lands whereof the yearly rent exceeds not 200 merks, to write a precept upon parchment under the quarter seal for taking sasine, for the which the vassal shall pay to the director of the chancellery for parchment, writing, subscription, drinksilver, wax and all other expenses the sum of 40s only. The articles ordain the clerk to present to parliament the article appointing the signatures to pass the quarter seal in manner and for the payment foresaid.

Act ordaining acts of warding to be directed upon precept from the sheriff, stewarts and bailies of bailiaries after expiring of the charge given to the debtor and searching of his goods for the sum of 40 merks, the officer making faith that he has searched the debtor's goods, and the prisoner binding himself for the prisoner's maintenance, read, voted and passed in articles, as it is amended.

Act ordaining provost and bailies within the burgh, bailies of regality and barony to receive captives in their wardhouses, appoints the burghs to see the same until tomorrow.

Article regarding jailer fees, appoints the jailer or his servants to be warned.

Act craving that caution for releasing arrestments may be found before the sheriffs etc. read and refused.

Act craving that caution for lawborrows may be found before the sheriffs etc. read and refused.

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  2. Defined in DSL as a gratuity given to be spent on drink. Back
  3. Written in margin 'The sheriff's 3 acts delivered to John Smith [of Grotehill]'. Back