[Consideration of act continued; act regarding the patent of armoury approved]

[Alexander Livingstone], earl of Linlithgow, being heard for the admiral upon the article presented by the burghs for discharging the casting out of ballast above Queensferry, the act given to John Smith [of Grotehill] to be advised, in respect the admiral alleged that the power of oversight and nomination of any persons for that effect and uplifting the fines belongs properly to the admiral.

Act regarding the discharge of the patent of armoury granted to Henry Mauld, the lyon king at arms, being heard thereupon, read, voted and passed in articles for discharging the act for bygones. And to the effect that same course may be taken hereafter for distinguishing arms and taking notice thereof, appoint the lyon king at arms to do diligence for examining and matriculating all arms and to represent the same to the lords of secret council, that they may take some course for discharging the lieges thereafter to transgress that order which shall be taken by the council under such pain only as the council shall then determine. For the which pain only, ordain the patent to stand from that time forth during the space contained therein.

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[Supplication and patent given out for further consultation]

The supplication presented by the coalmasters against the conservator given to Walter Cant to see and be advised until tomorrow.

The patent regarding the pearl delivered to [Master Alexander Jaffray of Kingswells], provost of Aberdeen, that he may show tomorrow wherein he desires the same to be rectified.

  1. NAS, PA6/3, 'August 31-October 22 1639', f.11(a) r. Back