[Supplication continued; two drafts of the same act ordered to be shown to some judges and lawyers; act approved]

Regarding the supplication presented by [...], Dutchman, craving restitution of some money taken from him by the searchers in Leith, the articles ordain the former processes moved hereupon before the exchequer to be looked out and produced before the articles.

The two diverse frames of acts regarding the vassals of small portions of land ordained to be shown to some judges and lawyers chosen by [Sir John Scott of Scotstarvit], director of the chancellery, that they may peruse the same and report their judgement tomorrow regarding the greatest convenience of either of the said two acts for the lieges.

Act regarding the erection of the kirk of Careston into a parish kirk and dismembering the same from Brechin read, voted and passed in articles.

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[Restitution of goods to the Laird of Craigie Wallace; supplication and article continued]

Regarding the supplication presented by [Wallace], laird of Craigie-Wallace against the town of Ayr, craving restitution of the house of Newton and goods taken from him and satisfaction for damage and interest of his coal and salt-pans, the Laird of Craigie Wallace, present, declared he restricted his supplication only for restitution of the goods received upon inventory and for damage and interest of the coal and salt and wrongs done since the pacification.

The articles appoint the house and goods inventoried to be redelivered at the sight of [Alexander Montgomery], earl of Eglinton; and for the other heads of the bill, remit the same to be considered when the common course shall be taken for the goods taken the time of the troubles.

The supplication presented by [Archibald Campbell], earl of Argyll against Sir Donald Gorme and others continued until tomorrow.

The article regarding the discharge of the patent of armoury continued until tomorrow.

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[Business regarding patent for tanning of leather remitted to commission for manufactories; article against monopolies continued]

[Robert Balfour], lord [Balfour of] Burleigh made report of the committee granted for the article presented by the burghs against the patent granted to [John Erskine], earl of Mar for tanning of leather. The lords of articles remit this article to the commission to be granted for manufactories, to take trial regarding the prejudice or benefit redounding to the country by the patent, with this declaration: that in case the said commission shall find the said patent not to be prejudicial to the country, then they may determine the said patent to stand during the years therein contained and according thereto. And in case they find the same hurtful or useless, then to find the said patent null. And moreover to have power to determine both the quantity of satisfaction to be given to the Earl of Mar and the manner of exacting the said satisfaction. And declare that howsoever it shall be there found by that commission, that there shall no other patent be granted or renewed again of the said business, nor the patent already granted altered in the spirit or imposition specified therein.

The article presented by the burghs, desiring a general act against monopolies and the purchasers thereof, to be considered when particulars shall be agreed.

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[Acts ordered to be drawn up]

Regarding the article craving that the fair days in the north may be kept by the heritors upon the days contained in their infeftment, appoints John Smith [of Grotehill] to produce the act of council for the change of St Laurence fair [10 August], and to draw up an act ratifactory thereof and for enacting of the article.

The article craving that the master of the mint-house and other receivers of bullion be discharged from taking the same before hand etc., John Smith is appointed to draw up the act to be considered.

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