1639, 30 August, Edinburgh, Parliament (continuation)

Parliamentary Register

At Edinburgh, 30 August 1639

The fourth day of parliament

At Edinburgh, 30 August 1639, to the which day and place this present parliament was continued as is above-written.

Warrant: regarding the riding of parliament

The which day the commissioners of parliament above-named, being convened, compeared the said Sir Thomas Hope [of Craighall], his highness's advocate, and produced the warrant underwritten subscribed by John [Stewart], earl of Traquair, lord Linton and Caberston, high treasurer of Scotland, his highness's commissioner to this present parliament, dated this 30 August 1639, whereof the tenor follows: Forasmuch as this day the supreme court of parliament is to be fenced, it is our will that immediately after the fencing thereof it be declared in our name, as high commissioner to his sacred majesty, that we and the estates intend, God willing, to ride solemnly to parliament upon 31 August instant, and that the whole estates and commissioners from barons and burghs attend us at his majesty's palace of Holyroodhouse. To that effect subscribed at Holyroodhouse, 30 August 1639. It is thus subscribed: Traquair, commissioner. And upon the production thereof asked instruments.

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