Procedure: production of commission

The which day Sir Thomas Hope [of Craighall], his majesty's advocate above-named, produced his highness's commission under the quarter seal, whereof the tenor follows:

[Abstract:] The king sends greeting to all. Considering that parliament has been proclaimed to be held at Edinburgh on 15 May 1639, and wishing for various reasons that it be prorogued, the king appoints commissioners John [Erskine], earl of Mar, John [Drummond], earl of Perth, Alexander [Stewart], earl of Galloway, John [Maitland], earl of Lauderdale, Alexander [Elphinstone], lord Elphinstone, Alexander [Napier], lord Napier of Merchiston, and Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, king's advocate, or three of them, with power to convene in the parliament house on 15 May and there begin and hold the parliament according to the usual form used in similar cases before when any of the necessary members of parliament are absent, to do all that is necessary for the lawful affirmation of the court of parliament. Immediately after the affirmation the king commands them to prorogue the parliament until 23 July next. Under the great seal at Newcastle on 11 May 1639, fifteenth year of the reign.

Upon the production and reading whereof and fencing of the foresaid parliament, the said Sir Thomas Hope asked acts and instruments.

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