Act in favour of Sir James Balfour [of Kinnaird]

Our sovereign lord, for the good, true and thankful service done to his majesty by his highness's beloved Sir James Balfour of Kinnaird, knight, his highness's lyon king of arms, ratifies, approves and confirms to the said Sir James the charter of disposition and confirmation granted to him by his majesty, of the date at Holyroodhouse, 9 January 1631, of all and whole the lands of Kinnaird, with all and sundry the parts, pendicles and pertinents thereof, lying within the sheriffdom of Fife, and all other of his authors' and predecessors' infeftments of the said lands in so far as the same may corroborate the said Sir James's right of the said lands only; and decrees and declares the said charters and infeftments to be good, valid and sufficient rights to the said Sir James and his heirs provided to the said lands and to Dame Anna Aytoun, his spouse, according to her rights thereof, through which they may possess and enjoy the said lands according to their rights in all time coming, in the whole heads, articles, clauses, conditions, points and circumstances thereof.

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