Act in favour of Master James Raith of Edmonstone

Our sovereign lord, with advice of the three estates of this present parliament, has ratified and approved and, by this act, ratifies and approves the charter granted by his majesty, under his highness's great seal, to Master James Raith, advocate, and Eliza Fouller, his spouse, and to the longest liver of them two in conjunct fee, and to their heirs and assignees specified therein, of all and sundry the town and lands of Edmonstone, called the Mains of Edmonstone, with manor place, mansion houses, buildings, yards, orchards, meadows, dovecot, cuningars and all their pertinents; and also of all and whole the lands of Cauldcoats, with houses, buildings, yards, tofts, crofts, parts, pendicles and all their pertinents, lying within the regality of Musselburgh and sheriffdom of Edinburgh as principal, and of all and whole the third part of the lands of Niddrie-Marischal, with the third part of the mill thereof, and that in special warrandice of the said lands of Cauldcoats; and also of all and whole the aisle or burial place situated within the kirk of Natoune within the parish whereof the said lands of Edmonstone lies, with the seat and desk within the said aisle, built by the late Andrew Edmonstone of that Ilk and the late Sir John Edmonstone, his son, authors to the said Master James Raith and his spouse, of the date 15 July 1630, in all and sundry heads, clauses, articles and conditions contained therein after the form and tenor thereof. And his majesty, with consent foresaid, wills, grants, decrees and declares that the said charter and infeftment shall be good, valid and sufficient right to the said Master James Raith, his said spouse, their heirs and assignees for possessing and enjoying of the said lands and others above-written in all time coming.

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