Act in favour of the feuars of Inveresk

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and confirm the contract made at St James's beside London, 8 November and at Edinburgh, 24 December respectively, 1631, between his majesty, with consent of his highness's treasurer principal, treasurer depute and others of his majesty's exchequer of this kingdom, on the one part, and his highness's right trusty cousin Charles [Seton], earl of Dunfermline, with consent of his curators James Richardson of Smeaton, Robert Douglas, Robert Vernor, William Marston, Thomas Foreman, Robert Mason, William Henderson, Thomas Smith, James Robertson, Robert Strachan, John Vernor, Richard Allan, Walter Smart, James Duncan, Archibald Hislop, George Anderson and Robert Penman and other feuars of the lands of Inveresk, lying within the lordship of Musselburgh, regality of Dunfermline and sheriffdom of Edinburgh, specially designed and set down in the said contract, on the other part, registered in the books of exchequer of the said kingdom at Edinburgh, 6 January 1632, whereby his majesty, with consent foresaid, faithfully promised to make and perfect to the said heritors respectively, their heirs and successors in the right of their said lands respectively all lawful and valid securities for possessing of the teind sheaves of their said lands respectively, perpetually and for ever in all time coming; and for that effect willed and declared that the said teind sheaves should be united and incorporated to the said lands, each one of them for their own parts respectively, according to the proportion of the property thereof, and to grant passes and complete and issue to the said heritors and their foresaid infeftments of their said lands with the teinds included to the effect the said lands may be possessed jointly in stock and teind by the heritors of the same for ever, to be held of his majesty and his highness's successors in feu ferm and heritage for the yearly payment of the feu ferm duty contained in the several infeftments of the said feuars, their said lands, and also for payment of the rental bolls, every one of them for their own parts, to be added to the said feu mails in manner particularly set down in the said contract and with declaration that the said rental bolls shall not be doubled at the entry of the heirs, but only the old feu ferm duty contained in the said heritors' infeftments of the said lands, and the other conditions whatsoever contained in the said contract expressed, set down and conceived in favour of the said heritors, their heirs and successors, with the infeftments whatsoever following or to follow thereupon, and all that has followed or may follow upon the same in all and sundry the heads, points, clauses, articles, circumstances and conditions thereof, and after the forms and tenors of the same in all points, so that it is and shall be rightful and lawful to the said heritors, and each one of them, to pass and issue infeftments by resignation or otherwise in favour of themselves, their heirs, assignees or successors, each one of them of their own lands, with the teinds included, for payment of the duties contained and mentioned in the said contract in all time coming, and to secure themselves therein for their possessing of the said teinds with the stock heritably and irredeemably for ever, without contradiction.

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