Act in favour of John Sinclair of Stevenson

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament ordain an act to be made therein in favour of his majesty's beloved John Sinclair of Stevenson, ratifying, approving and, for his highness and his successors, perpetually confirming the alienation, disposition and vendition made to him, his heirs and assignees whatsoever by John [Erskine], earl of Mar, lord Erskine and Garioch etc., with advice of Dame Mary Stewart, countess of Mar, his spouse, lady conjunct fiar of the same, for themselves and taking the burden upon them for John and Charles Erskine, their sons; and also the said John and Charles, for themselves, with express advice and consent of the said John, earl of Mar, their father and administrator, and also with advice and consent of John, lord Erskine and James [Erskine], earl of Buchan, lord Auchterhouse and Glendowachie, and John Erskine of Little Sauchie, their curators, for their interests, of all and whole the kirklands of Pencaitland, with the mansion houses, buildings, yards, orchards, barns, barnyards, tenants, tenancies and service of free tenants, feu ferms, parts, pendicles and pertinents thereof, and also of all and sundry the teind sheaves and other teinds, as well parsonage as vicarage, of the said kirklands with the pertinents, and also of all and sundry the teind sheaves, as well great as small, as well vicarage as parsonage, of all and whole the said John Sinclair's lands and barony of Wester Pencaitland and steads and possessions thereof called Foulstruther, Broomrigg, Magrye, Mylnetown, mill and mill lands of Mylnetown, Crinshburne and Woodhall, with all their parts, pendicles and pertinents of the said lands of Wester Pencaitland and of all other lands, steads and possessions, as well not named as named, lying within the parish of Pencaitland pertaining of before in property to John Sinclair of Hirdmestoune and to Sir John Sinclair, his son, fiar thereof, and now to the said John Sinclair, lying within the constabulary of Haddington and sheriffdom of Edinburgh, which disposition and alienation is of the date the [...] day of [...] 16[...], together with the procuratory of resignation therein contained and instrument of resignation following thereupon; together also with the charter given by our said sovereign lord to the said John Sinclair of the same kirklands and teinds respectively above-written, of the date 9 August 1630, and precept and instrument of sasine given according thereto, together with the tack and assedation set by the said noble earl and other persons above-named to the said John Sinclair and his foresaids of the said whole teinds, both parsonage and vicarage, of the lands and others above-written of certain years therein mentioned, of the date the [...] day of [...] 16[...]; together with the decreet of valuation led and deduced before the sub-commissioners of Haddington regarding the teinds of the said lands of Wester Pencaitland, of the date [...] day of [...] 16[...], together with the act of mitigation made of the same valuation by the lords of his majesty's commission, of the date the [...] day of [...] 16[...], together with all others charters, infeftments, tacks, assedations, rights, titles and securities made to the said John Sinclair, his authors and predecessors, of and concerning the lands and others above-written or any part thereof of whatsoever date, tenors or contents the same be of, or bears, in the whole heads, clauses and conditions thereof. And will and grant and, by this act, expressly declare that this present ratification of the premises in general, without prejudice of the speciality foresaid, be as sufficient to the said John Sinclair and his foresaids as if all the same rights were herein specially inserted, ratified and approved, and find and declare that the same rights generally and specially above-written, together with this present act of ratification, be good and sufficient rights to the said John Sinclair and his foresaids for possessing and enjoying of the said kirklands and teinds, both great and small, parsonage and vicarage thereof, and of the other lands of Wester Pencaitland, comprehending as said is, without any obstacle, impediment or contradiction whatsoever to be made and moved against him and his foresaids thereof.

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