Procedure: protest; asking of instruments

The same day compeared a noble lord Mungo [Murray], viscount of Stormont, lord Scone etc., and protested that the ratification passed in this present parliament of the letter of gift granted by his majesty under the privy seal, of the date 5 May 1631, to and in favour of William Murray, groom of his majesty's bedchamber, should in no way be hurtful or prejudicial to the said Mungo, viscount of Stormont of his infeftment of the lands and barony of Bambreich under the great seal of the date 18 July 1616; and that the said viscount of Stormont be no further burdened in payment of the duties contained in his said infeftment than he is in use to make account in exchequer, and to receive his receipts for monies paid thereupon, and that the foresaid ratification be in no way prejudicial to no acts nor precepts or allowances in exchequer regarding the payment of the said feu duties nor yet to the said viscount of Stormont's gift granted to him under the privy seal of the date 29 April 1612 regarding the keeping of the house of Huntingtower and other privileges and offices therein contained, nor to the assignation therein mentioned made to the said viscount of Stormont of the silver victual, kanes and others therein specified. The which protestation our said sovereign lord and estates of parliament foresaid have admitted and, by these words, admit, whereupon the said Mungo, viscount of Stormont asked instruments.

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