Act in favour of the heirs of Master Patrick Murray

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, understanding that for the good, true and thankful service done to his majesty by the late Master Patrick Murray, cupbearer to his highness's late commendator of the abbacy of Inchaffray, his majesty, by his highness's letters of gift under the great seal made with the advice and consent of the lords of his highness's exchequer and commissioners of the kingdom of Scotland, of the date 19 February 1632, gave, granted and of his highness's gracious liberality conferred upon the said late Master Patrick Murray, his heirs and assignees the sum of £1,200 sterling usual money of England, to be paid yearly out of the readiest rents and casualties of the kingdom of Scotland, as well property as treasury thereof; and until the same sum be paid, his majesty, with advice and consent of the said lords of exchequer and commissioners, willed and ordained that the said late Master Patrick and his foresaids should well and peaceably hold, enjoy and possess the whole fruits and rents of the said abbacy of Inchaffray, both spirituality and temporality thereof, as the said letter of gift of the date foresaid at more length purports. Therefore, his majesty and estates foresaid and whole body of this present parliament have ratified and approved and, by this act, ratify and approve the foresaid letter of gift in all and sundry heads, clauses, articles, provisions, conditions and circumstances thereof after the form and tenor of the same in all points, and his majesty and estates foresaid decree, will and declare that this present ratification is and shall be as good, valid, effectual and sufficient in all respects to the heirs and assignees of the said late Master Patrick as if the foresaid letter of gift were at length word by word inserted herein and expressly ratified by virtue of this present act; and dissolve and separate from the crown and patrimony thereof the foresaid duties until the said sum be completely satisfied and paid, dispensing, likewise his highness and estates foresaid dispense, with all and whatsoever acts of annexation and acts of parliament of 1597 made regarding dispositions and alienations of his highness's annexed property, and generally with all and whatsoever other acts of parliament, general laws or practice of this realm prejudicial in any way to the foresaid gift, and declare the same to be a valid and sufficient right whereby the said heirs and assignees of the said late Master Patrick may hold, enjoy and possess the foresaid duties and others contained in the said gift without any question or action to be moved against the same until the foresaid sum be completely paid and satisfied, and, if need be, ordain a letter to be made hereupon under the great seal as appropriate, and that this act be a sufficient warrant to the foresaid great seal and writers thereto for passing of the same without any further passing of other registers, signet or seals, and ordain the clerk register to enact and insert this ratification in the books of parliament to have the strength of an act thereof.

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