Commission regarding the kirks of Nisbet and Crailing

In the parliament held at Edinburgh on 28 June 1633, the which day regarding the supplication given in and presented to his majesty and lords of parliament nominated and chosen for the articles by the parishioners of the parish kirk and parish of Nisbet, within the sheriffdom of Roxburgh, making mention that upon some information made to the estates of parliament in 1612, the kirk of Nisbet was united to the kirk of Crailing for hearing the divine service and participating of the sacraments; and seeing the parishioners in their resort there were forced either to adventure their lives oftentimes in crossing the rivers of Teviot and Oxnam, or to make a journey of at least four miles to cross the said waters at the bridge of Ancrum, though none of the said parish dwells half a mile from their ancient parish kirk, the kirk of Nisbet, and seeing also that the ministers' whole stipend is paid out of the parish of Nisbet and that the burial of the said parishioners did still remain at the said kirk of Nisbet, therefore beseeched the said lords of the articles to ordain that the ancient seat of the said kirk of Nisbet might be the only kirk for the said parishes of Nisbet and Crailing, and the present minister and his successors ordained thereafter to make their residence within the parish of Nisbet, and that the indwellers of Crailing should repair to the said kirk of Nisbet as their only parish kirk for exercise of divine service in all time thereafter, as the said supplication bears. Which supplication, being upon the 26 June read in audience of his majesty and the said lords of the articles, and they having had deliberate consideration thereof, after deliberation, they remitted and by this commission remit the foresaid supplication and whole contents thereof, and consideration of the same, to the decision and determination of the said lords commissioners of parliament appointed by his majesty and estates for surrenders and teinds, with power to them to determine therein as they shall think fit and expedient.

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