Commission regarding [John Sandilands], lord Torphichen

In the parliament held at Edinburgh upon 28 June 1633, the which day regarding the petition presented to his majesty and estates of parliament by a noble lord John, lord of Torphichen, making mention that whereas by statute of this present parliament the superiorities of all erections are annexed to the crown, which will not only comprehend the superiorities of church lands erected in temporal lordships but also all superiorities of erections of whatsoever other nature, and in special these of the lordship of Torphichen which was anciently of the lordship of St John, and which never did belong to any prelate, bishop or churchman, as shall be made apparent to his majesty or to any whom his majesty should appoint for examining the business; and being tried and found that his particular case differs from the nature of these superiorities intended by his majesty to be reduced to the crown, and, therefore, most humbly beseeching his majesty that in the act of annexation it may be declared that the superiority of his lordship of Torphichen is in no way therein comprehended, or that the same be remitted to the council, as at more length is contained in the said petition. His majesty, with the advice of the estates of parliament, remits the said petition to the council, with power to them to try but not to determine until they acquaint his majesty with what they find and have his majesty's pleasure returned to them relating thereto.

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