Letter: privy council's letter to the king

Follows the missive written by the council to his majesty concerning the commission and instructions above-written.

Most sacred sovereign,

Upon our receipt of your majesty's letter of 12 October 1630, and upon our perusal of the postscript thereof, written with your majesty's own hand, we were exceedingly overjoyed to perceive your majesty's gracious approbation of our weak endeavours in your majesty's service and of your majesty's princely care of this your highness's ancient kingdom and liberties thereof, and of your royal intentions and directions for advancing all things which may tend to the credit or profit of the same; and especially in that great and glorious work of the fishings, in the which we have devoted our whole endeavours to give your majesty all such consent and satisfaction as becomes your majesty's most humble and loyal subjects and servants. We have likewise heard the report of such as your majesty did formerly trust with your highness's commission to treat with your other commissioners there and are so hopeful and confident of a final and happy conclusion in that business, as (according to your majesty's princely desire) we have with instructions dispatched new commissioners with absolute power to conclude that great work of association in the matter of fishing, whereby both the trade, shipping, strength and glory of your majesty's kingdoms may be advanced, your subjects employed and your kingdoms and subjects secured from all fear of any foreign invasion, being confident of strength, subsistence and maintenance at home under your majesty's own princely government and protection; and the commissioners nominated by us being for the most part men of eminent quality and place, much affectionate to your majesty's service and of good abilities to bring this great work to the wished effect, we are hereby bold to recommend them particularly to your majesty's princely acceptance and approbation, and to your highness's special grace and favour, that both they and others by their example may hereafter be encouraged with all alacrity to embrace and execute any other of your majesty's services and commandments as becomes dutiful and loyal subjects, all which we do humbly leave to your majesty's own princely consideration, and shall ever rest etc. Holyroodhouse, 23 December 1630. Subscribed: [George Hay, viscount of] Dupplin, [Thomas Hamilton, earl of] Haddington, [Colin MacKenzie, earl of] Seaforth, [John Maitland, earl of] Lauderdale, [Robert Melville, lord] Melville, [David Carnegie, lord] Carnegie, [Adam Bellenden], bishop of Dunblane, [Alexander Elphinstone], master of Elphinstone, [Sir] Archibald Acheson [of Glencairnie], [Sir John] Hamilton [of Magdalens], Sir Thomas Hope [of Craighall], Sir George Elphinstone [of Blythswood].

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