Procedure: commission
Nomination of commissioners for the laws

The which day the commissioners for the barons nominated the lords [Sir James MacGill of] Cranstoun-Riddel, [Sir James Learmonth of] Balcomie, [Sir George Auchinleck of] Balmanno, [Sir Robert Spottiswood of] New Abbey, [Sir George Haliburton of] Fodderance and [Sir Andrew Fletcher of] Innerpeffer, the lairds [Sir Patrick Hepburn] of Waughton, [Sir James Foulis of] Colinton, [John Boyle of] Kelburn, [William Cunningham of] Caprington, [Alexander Erskine of] Dun, [Master James Durham, younger], constable of Dundee, Sir Robert Gordon [of Gordonstoun], Sir John Hamilton of Lettrick, the sheriff of Teviotdale, the lairds [Sir Alexander Strachan] of Thornton, [Sir James Lockhart of] Lee, [Thomas Erskine of] Pittodrie, [Thomas Crombie of] Kemnay and John Gordon of Buckie to be adjoined to the commission for surveying of the laws.

The which day the burghs nominated Alexander Clerk [of Stenton and Pittencrieff], Master James Cockburn, Master Alexander Guthrie, John MacKieson and John Cowan to be adjoined to the said commission.

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