Procedure: renewal of commission
Nomination of new commissioners regarding the treaty of the fishing

The estates ordain the first commission made by them regarding the treaty of the common fishing to be renewed to the commissioners therein mentioned, and ordain them to attend upon his majesty's council and to give their first appearance upon the first council day of November for that errand. The commissioners underwritten, they are to say: [John Leslie], earl of Rothes, [James Erskine, earl of] Buchan and [John Stewart, earl of] Carrick, [Andrew Gray], lord Gray, [James Ross, lord] Ross, [John Campbell, lord] Loudoun and [John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino, [John Guthrie], bishop of Moray and [John Leslie, bishop of] the Isles, Sir Robert Gordon [of Gordonstoun], the lairds [Sir Alexander Strachan] of Thornton, [James Lyon of] Auldbar, [Alexander Erskine of] Dun, [John Haldane of] Gleneagles, [Sir James Lockhart of] Lee, younger, [Thomas Erskine of] Pittodrie, [John Boyle of] Kelburn, John Erskine of Balgonie, Alexander Clerk [of Stenton and Pittencrieff], James Guthrie, Thomas Haliburton, Paul Menzies [of Kinmundy], John Cowan, Master John Hay, Master Alexander Guthrie, Gabriel Cunningham, James Watson and Robert Alexander, being personally present, are warned in the acts; and ordain missives to be written to the remaining commissioners willing them to keep the diet foresaid precisely.

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