Commission regarding [John Erskine], lord Erskine's patent

The estates, having heard and considered the grievance given in by the burghs regarding the patent granted to [John Erskine], lord Erskine for tanning of leather, they have nominated and appointed and, by the tenor hereof, nominate and appoint and give power and commission to [Simon Fraser], lord [Fraser of] Lovat, [John Sandilands, lord] Torphichen, [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh and [John Wemyss, lord] Wemyss, [Andrew Boyd], bishop of Argyll and [John Abernethy, bishop of] Caithness and to the lairds [Alexander Cunningham] of Corsehill, [Sir Alexander Nisbet of] West Nisbet, [Bryce] Blair [of that Ilk] and Robert MacBrair [of Almagill and Netherwood] to meet with such of the commissioners of the burghs as shall be directed to that effect, and to convene tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the exchequer house, and there to confer and reason regarding the conveniency of the said patent and of the form and order prescribed for following out of the same, and if the work be good and fitting to be continued, and to consider of the means and way how the patentee shall be satisfied of the great charges and expenses which he has sustained in the prosecution of that service, and to report to the estates upon Saturday next what they find therein.

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