Act regarding penal statutes

The estates presently convened, according to his majesty's gracious will and pleasure signified to them by his letter, have discharged, pardoned and freely remitted and, by the tenor of this present act, discharge, pardon and freely remit all penal statutes whatsoever contravened by any of his majesty's subjects at any time bygone preceding the date hereof, and which were formerly remitted and pardoned in any preceding parliaments; and also discharge all his majesty's subjects of the fines of all penal statutes made in the parliament held at Edinburgh in the month of August 1621, excepting always out of and from the said pardon the statutes made against usury and the concealments of the monies of his majesty's taxation and the bearing and wearing of hackbuts and pistols where the same have been carried and used against any of his majesty's good subjects, or where the bearers thereof have been formerly convened before his majesty's council and have found caution to forbear.

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