Which missive letter and articles being read, heard and considered by the said estates and it being proposed to them with which of the said articles they would begin, the said whole estates, out of their humble affection to his majesty's service, all in one voice agreed and voted that they would begin with the taxation to be granted by them to his majesty. And thereafter, it being proposed to the estates what should be the quantity of the taxation and their opinions and voices being taken relating thereto, it was agreed and voted that his majesty should have a taxation ordinary and extraordinary of the like quantity and proportion and for so many terms and years as was granted in the former taxation in October 1625, beginning the first term's payment thereof at Martinmas [11 November] next, and so forth yearly and termly during the four years of the ordinary taxation and eight terms of the extraordinary taxation, whereupon the two acts underwritten containing the grant of the said taxation and the form and order of the payment thereof and collection of the same were drawn up, read, heard and allowed by the estates, of the which acts the tenor follows:

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