Letter: king's letter to the estates
His majesty's missive regarding the convention

The which day George [Hay], viscount of Dupplin, lord high chancellor of this kingdom, produced and exhibited to the estates presently convened the missive letter underwritten signed by the king's majesty and directed to the said estates containing the cause of the calling of this present convention, and also he exhibited to the said estates four articles underwritten signed by the king's majesty and ordained to be proposed from his majesty to the said estates to the intent they may return to his majesty their opinions relating thereto, of the which missive letter and articles the tenor follows:

Charles Rex, right trusty and right well-beloved cousin and councillor, right trusty and well-beloved cousins and councillors, right trusty and well-beloved councillors, right trusty and well-beloved and trusty and well-beloved, we greet you well. Having upon very weighty considerations been moved to defer our repairing to that our kingdom until the next spring and desiring that all things necessary both for our maintenance and for settling of affairs may be so prepared in the meantime that they may with the less trouble to us and you be then concluded for the good and honour of that our kingdom which we exceedingly affect, we have sent to our right trusty and right well-beloved cousin and councillor, [George Hay], viscount of Dupplin, high chancellor [...] as we thought most fit to be considered of [...] and supply, being very confident that you will use your best [...] for our satisfaction herein, who shall ever be careful of that [...] concern your good and we bid you farewell. From our court at Whitehall, 5 July 1630.

Articles to be proposed from us to the convention of the estates now warned, that they may return to us their opinions thereupon

Charles Rex

1. To consider of the best course how the valuations of tithes may be most speedily and exactly perfected, that those things contained in our decree may take effect.

2. To consider how manufactures for making the best benefit of wool and for employment of our people may be most conveniently settled as has been formerly intended.

3. To give order for proceeding according to our commission granted for reviewing the laws and practices of that kingdom, that all things necessary to be treated of in the next parliament may be the better prepared against that time.

4. In regard of the great charges requisite for our maintenance during the time of our being in that our kingdom and for payment of the debts contracted for buying of heritable offices, that a taxation may be had such as our loving subjects for so great a cause shall willingly grant.

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