Regarding the intended alteration in the session

Regarding the supplication given in by the small barons to the estates presently convened purporting that they were informed that his majesty intended to make some alteration in the session which was a sovereign and high court, whereof the foundation was with great wisdom and judgement built by his majesty's great-grandfather of happy memory with the consent of the estates of parliament, and that the authority of this court has been since illustrated with many privileges flowing from succeeding princes, and specially from his majesty's dearest father of blessed memory, and therefore desiring that the estates would join with them in their humble petition to his majesty that his majesty would be pleased not to make any alteration thereof without the advice of the estates of this kingdom. Their petition being heard and some objections made against the same that as his majesty was a just and upright prince who sought nothing but the good and well of his people, so there was no subject that with reason could suspect or mistrust the sincerity of his majesty's proceedings either in that or any other thing else, yet they continued very instant to have the voices of the estates thereupon. Which being granted and their votes taken, they all agreed to join with the barons in their petition that his majesty should be humbly entreated that if he intended any alteration in the session from that which was established in parliament, that his majesty would be graciously pleased to follow out the same by the advice of the estates of this kingdom in parliament.

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