Regarding the repairing to parliament, conventions and council

Whereas there have been diverse acts of parliament, convention and secret council made and published heretofore whereby all his majesty's subjects were discharged to repair to the town or place where his majesty's parliament, convention, council or justice sits with greater trains than is allowed to them by the said acts, under certain pains mentioned and contained therein, notwithstanding the not execution of the said acts and punishing of the offenders has procured the break and violation of the same acts to the high contempt of his majesty's authority and laws; therefore the estates ordain all the said acts to be put in execution against the contraveners thereof, and recommend the prosecution of the same to the lords of secret council. And also the estates statute and ordain that no person nor persons of whatever rank or quality they be present themselves before his majesty's council, either as pursuer or defenders, but by themselves alone, accompanied with one at the most when the council shall allow thereof, under the pain to be punished for that at the arbitrament of the council.

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