The estates presently convened, having considered his majesty's princely care and regard to have the subjects of this kingdom well and sufficiently provided with arms and having respect therewithal to the reports and rumours of foreign preparations throughout diverse parts of Christendom, and they finding it very necessary and expedient that in this time of the universal combustion throughout Christendom that the subjects of this kingdom shall be prepared and in readiness as well for pursuit as defence as the occasion and necessity of their service shall require, therefore the estates ordain a general muster and wappenschaw to be made throughout this whole kingdom both to burgh and land upon 28 December 1625, to the intent the people's provision of arms may be known and some beginning given to train them in military discipline; and after report to be made of these musters, the estates ordain that the laws formerly made regarding musters and provision of armour and warlike exercises shall be prosecuted and followed out. And touching the proposition made by his majesty regarding the building of forts and blockhouses, the estates carefully recommended the same to the burghs present, and how soon Colonel [Andrew] Gray shall come in this kingdom, the estates ordain the overture proposed by his majesty regarding the building of forts and blockhouses to be prosecuted and followed out. The estates likewise find it fit and expedient that his majesty shall be humbly entreated to send about two ships for guarding of the Firth [of Forth] and securing of the trade.

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