Regarding the furnishing of 2,000 men with shipping

Regarding the proposition made by Sir George Hay of Kinfauns, knight, lord high chancellor of this kingdom, to the estates presently convened that in regard of the great preparation of foreign forces throughout diverse parts of Europe and that it was very necessary and expedient that this kingdom should be likewise upon their guard provided to withstand and resist any foreign invasion that should be intended, that therefore the estates would yield to the furnishing of 2,000 men with shipping for the space of three years, to the intent they might be ever in readiness, as well for pursuit as defence, as the necessity of their employment and service for the safety of the country should require, and for the which, his majesty would discharge the late taxation granted by the estates to his majesty, except so much thereof as would serve for defraying of the charges of his majesty's coming to this kingdom to accept the royal crown thereof. The estates, having heard and considered the said proposition, they all expressed their most earnest affection to extend the utmost of their abilities for his majesty's contentment, especially in a matter so much concerning their own safety; yet the known poverty of the country by the calamity of some hard years could not in their opinions afford any greater sums than the taxation presently granted to, promising nevertheless to be ready with their persons to advance his majesty's service in all intervening and necessary occasions concerning the defence and safety of the country.

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