Act and proclamatioun for returneing of the officeres to the armie

The estates of parliament, now presently conveined be vertew of the last act of the last parliament haldine be his matie and thrie estates in anno 1641, considering that there is sundrie collonelles, captanes, rootmaisters, leutennentes, hanseinzies and otheres officeres who are not as yit gone wp to the army at the south, and that there is otheres who are come home wpoun foirloifs and does not tymeously returne, sua that by there absence the army is impedit in there merch, to the great prejudice of the commoune cause, religione and weill of the cuntrie; therfore the saides estates of parliament commands and chairges all officeres foirsaids to repaire wnto the army in the south betuixt and the tuuenty day of Junii instant without delay (except such as are memberes of the parliament, quha are to stay whill they receave orderes). With certificatione to the who failzies, ther places shallbe disposit wpoun in favoures of otheres and they punished as neglecteres of the commoun orderes and enemyes to the publict. And ordeanes the samene to be presently published at the mercate croce of Edinburgh by ane herauld with sound of trumpet.

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