Procedure: prorogation of the commission for the trial of Sir John Gordon of Haddo and others
Prorogatioun of the commissioun for trying of Haddo and otheres therinconteined

Forsameikle as the estates of parliament, taking to consideratione that the commissione givine be them wpoun the tuelt of Junii instant to Alexander, erle of Lithgow, Johne, erle of Weymes, Alexander, lord Elphingstoun, Johne, lord Bargany, Sir James Stewart, shereff of Bute, Andrew Agnew, appeirand of Lochnaw, Mr George Dundas of Maner, Robert Meiklejohne, burges of Edinburgh, Johne Shaw of Grenocke, Robert Arnet, burges of Pearth, Mr Robert Cunynghame, burges of Kinghorne, and Allane Dunlop, burges of Irveing, and to Sir Johne Hamiltoune of Orbestoun, justice clerke, Mr Alexander Collvill of Blair and Mr James Robertsone of his maties justice deputes (not as ordinare judges in the office of justiciarie bot as commissioneres delegat be the estates of parliament with the remanent commissionares foirsaids), or to any quorum of the said nomber consisting of nyne, quherof tuo being for ilke estate and tua of the saids justic clerke and justice deputtis, for trying of Sir George Gordoune of Haddo, George Gordoun of Geicht, Johne Dallgarno of Auchinminell, Captane Johne Logie, Rodger Lindesay of Maynes, Johne Strudgeoun of Terrerary and Williame Maxwell of Midkiltoun, in maner and to the effect conteyned in the said act of commissioun, does only last and endure quhill the nynteine day of Junii instant, quhilk is the day appoynted be the act to the commissionares for report of ther procedores to the parliament, therfore the saids estates of parliament hes prorogat and heirby prorogates the foirsaid commissioune and haill power and warrand therby granted to the said commissionares and quorum foirsaid quhill the tuenty sext day of Junii instant inclusive, and ordeanes the samene commissione to stand in the full force, strenth and integrity quhill the said tuenty sext day of Junii instant inclusive, at the quhilke day ordeanes the commissionares to report to the estates of parliament in the same maner as they are appoynted be the foirsaid commissione to have reported the nynteine of Junii instant.

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