Act in favoures of the erle of Roxburghe

Forsameikle as the estates of parliament, now presently conveind be vertewe of the last act of the last parliament haldine be his matie and thrie estates in anno 1641, haveing tane to there consideration the desyre of Robert, erle of Roxburghe craveing ane warrand and recommendatione fra them to the Lord Maitland and otheres, ther commissionares reseiding at the parliament of England, to insist in the name of the parliament of Scotland with the parliament of England, or ther commissioneres for examinationes or sequestrationes, for warrand from the parliament of England or ther commissionares foirsaids in favoures of the erle of Roxburghe, that the plait and other goods perteaneing to the said erle of Roxburghe and his umqhile lady quhilkes are put in the hands of the said Lord Maitland may be delyvered and disposed wpoun for the use of the said erle to any such as shall have order and warrand from him for that effect. The saidis estates of parliament findes the foirsaid desyre just and resonalble, and ordeanes ane warrand and lettir of recommendation to be writtin and directed in name of the saids estates to the said Lord Maitland and otheres, ther commissioneres foirsaids, in favoures of the said erle of Roxburghe to the effect before desyred, and ordeanes the samene to be subscryved be Johne, erle of Lauderdaill, president of the parliament, in name of the haill estates therof.

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