Order: in favour of the laird of Gight
Ordinance in favoures of the laird of Geicht

The estates of parliament, haveing hard the desyre of George Gordoune of Geicht proponed be the erle of Lanerke, president of the committie for regulating of process, desyreing liberty to wryte to his lady and that ane ypothecarie might cum in to the tolboothe to him for his advyse and helpe; as also that Geicht might be fred of the burdene of the interteanement of his brother, who is lykewayes in prisone, the saids estates grantes the foirsaid desyre and permittes Geicht to writ to his lady, the lettir being allwayes sene and allowed be the foirsaid committie; as also grantes liberty to ane ypothecarie to have acces for the laird of Geicht in the tolboothe for advyse and helpe of his health in respect of the weaknes of his body, quhairanent thir presentes shall be a sufficient warrand. And the supplicant condischendes that Patrike Hepburne is the apothecare whom he designes whom the estates permittes to have acces ut supra.

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