Order: continuation of process
Ordinance in favoures of Thomas Nicolsone, burges of Aberdene, and otheres

The estates of parliament, now presently conveind be vertew of the last act of the last parliament haldine be his matie and the thrie estates in anno 1641, haveing considered the suplicatione givine in be Thomas Nicolsone, burges of Aberdene and the otheres persones therin specified, desyreing judges delegat to be chosine to take precognitione of the criminall process persewed be the relict and bairnes of umqhill Williame Broun aganes the supplicantes before the justice, and of the other criminall process persewit be the supplicantes aganes Sir Alexander Gordoune of Clunie and his associates lykewayis before the justice, and in the meanetyme to give warrand to the justice to continowe the dyet of the proces aganes the supplicantes quhill the judges delegat report the precognitione to be tane be them theranent; the saidis estates continowes the dyetts of both the foirsaids process whill the fourteine of Junii instant, and in the meanetyme ordeanes the severall estats to be advysit in ther severall bodyes with that pairt of the desyre of the supplicatione anent the precognitione therby craved.

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