Committee Members: committee for bills and ratifications
Committie for billes and ratificationes

The estates grantes power and commissione to the erles of Mar and Glencairne for the noblemen, the lairds of Halkertoun and Beshoptoun for the barrones, the commissioneres of Linlithgow and Bruntyland for the burrowes (or ony thrie of them, one being for everie estate) to resave, reveise and consider all billes, supplicationes and ratificationes to be presented to this parliament. With power to them or ther quorum to grant warrand for citatione of pairties to compeir before the parliament or committie of estates eftir parliament, incaise the parliament ryise before the day of compeirance, and ordeanes this committie not to determeine bot to report to the parliament and to reject what bill they thinke not competent to be received, but prejudice to the suplicantes to present these to the parliament.

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