Committee Members: committee for the levy
Committie for the leavie

The estates grantes commissione to the marques of Argyle, the erle of Lothiane, the lords Burghlie or Sinclaire and Kirkcudbright for the noblemen, the lairdis of Ruthven or Harden, Garthland, Lochnaw and Wairistoune for the barrones, the commissioneres of Edinburghe, Stirveling, Air and Couper for the burrowes (or any eight of them) to treate wpoun sicke articles as shalbe thought to conduce for the good of the leavie wnder the chairge and command of the erle of Callender and for his commissione, and adjoynes the Erle Mershall to this committie, and appoyntes the dyet of meiting to be presently, and ordeanes them to consider and report to the parliament.

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