11 Apryle 1644

[Committee to consider some affairs of the army; account of money received ordered to be printed]

The estates nominat Cassills, Dumfermelyne, Lauderdail, Lanerick, Callander, Balmerino, Burley, Dundas, Preston, Bogie, Cowedon, Greenock, Kilbirnie, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lithgow, Stirlin, Bruntyland [and] Couper to heere the officeris of the armie in Ireland and the instructions sent with thame and what answer is fit to be returned thereto, and to the petition of the relict of Lieutenent Colonel Leslie who wes killed in our armie in England, and to examyne Major Erskine who is come frome Newcastle's armie.

The estates ordains that for stoppeing the mouthes of all suche as are reddie to maligne ther proceedings, that a compt be made of all the money come in be the loan and taxt, frome England and be borrowing, and how the same is disbursed, and that it be printed.

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[Demolition of the castle of Dumbarton; committee to put the kingdom in a posture of defence etc.]

The estates, considering that be act of the last parliament the fortification and strenth of the castle of Dunbartoune were appoynted to be slighted, and that in such a tyme of troubles the same may prove more hurtfull (as formerlie it hes beene) then usefull to the countrie, doe therefore appoynt the same house and wallis and strenth thereof to be demolished and razed to the ground, and recommends to the provest of Dumbartoun to sie this done. With power to him for this effect, to hyre quarrieris or anie other workmen necessar and, if anie sall refuise, to presse thame on reasonable conditions. And ordaines the comittie of the estates to see the expenses heirof payed be the publict.

The estates appoyntes Argyle, Glencairne, Callender, Lanerick, Yester, Sir Williame Scot, Sir Thomas Ker, Nithrie, Wauchtoun, Aitoun, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Couper, Kirkcaldie [and] Dunbartane to be a comittie for sieing the kingdome putt into a right posture of defence and secureing the borders, how the canon in the castle of Dumbartane shalbe disposed of and what answer sall be returned to Johne Slowane and some other petition of suche as have beene spoyled be the kings forces.

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[Committee to consider the letters from the commissioners at London]

The estates nominats Cassillis, Lauderdaile, Lanerick, Callender, Balmerino, Yester, Burley, Wauchton, Carnock, Preston, Dundas, Kilbirnie, Denmylne, Nithrie, Edinburgh, Dundie, St Andrewes, Hadinton, Perth, Dumbartane [and] Kinghorne to consider what answers is to be given to the commissioneris at London, ther letter anent the grounds of a setled peace, and to report.

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