Committee Members: committee for the south
Comittee for the south

Forsamekle as the estates, taking to their consideration the practises of the enemies of this kingdome who have now invadit the same and in ane hostill maner have entered and possest themselffes of the toun of Dumfreis and other places of the countrey, and have thought fitt that some forces be raised within this kingdome for pursueing of our saidis enemies and secureing the peace of the kingdome, and finding it most necessar that ane committie be choisen to goe alongis with these forces, they have therefore nominated and appoynted the earle of Callender, earles of Glencairne, Cassillis, Annandaill, Lauderdaill, Queensberrie, Home, Lanerick, Hartfell, vicount of Kenmure, lordis Montgomirie, Fleeming, Garleis, Sinclair, Boyd, Bargenie, justice clerk, Sir James Ramsay, Sir Frederick Hamiltoun, lairdis of Kilbirnie, Coudoun, Empsfeild, Laweris, Lag, Lamingtoun, Cesnock, Craufurd of Kerse, Capringtoun, Craigie, Nithrie, Beill, Sir David Murray, Sir Johne Veitch, Mertoun, Balneill, Sir William Scot, Sir Thomas Ker, shireffe of Teviotdaill, Craigence, Colvingtoun, Arnistoun, Aitoun, Wastquarter, Sir James Lockhart, Williame Ellot of Stobes, Maister George Douglas, Maister Johne Corsane, Thomas Fergisone, Jedion Jack, Robert Richardsone, James Hamiltoun of Glasgow [and] Gilbert Richard of Bulskinen (besyde all otheris who are memberis of the committie of estates and are heirby declaired memberis of this committie). With power to thame, or anie seven of thame, to attend the earle of Callender, cheefe commander of the forces now raised within the kingdome, and to goe alongis in this present expedition and to have the care and governement of the affaires of the armie now to be lifted, and to give there best advice and assistance in what may conduce to the good of the same, and to mak and sett doun suche orderis thereanent as they sall think fitting. As also to provyd victuall and other necessaris for the said forces, and for that end to call before thame all suche in these bounds as are declaired enemies to religion, his maties honor and peace of thir kingdomes for not subscryveing the covenant or who have opposed the publict proceedingis of this kirk and kingdome, and to take sic course for imposeing of fynes on thame and uplifting the same and secureing their persons as they sall think fitting, without prejudice of anie farder course to be tane with thame be the parliament, and generallie with power to thame to doe everie other thing for persueing our enemies, secureing the peace of the countrey als fullie as the convention might doe themselfes, they being alwayes comptable for their proceedingis to the parliament, conventioun of estates and committie at Edinburgh. This commissioun to endure ay and while the returne of the armie frome this expeditioun.

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