Procedure: commission to John Denholm
Comission to John Denholme

The convention of estates, considering how necessar it is for mantenance of these forces who are to goe to the north for suppresseing the rebellioun there that there be a commissar appoynted for attending the same, and knowing the affection and abiliteis of Johne Denholme, merchant burges of Edinburgh, to discharge this service, therefore the saidis estates have nominat him to be commissar to the effect foresaid, and to injoy that place with all the fees and dues belonging thereto. With power to him to buy victuall where ever he may have the same for mantenance of the saidis forces, and to give suretie to the parties for the said victuall, quhilk sall be repayed be moneyes to be sent to the said comissar or out of the excise or anie other moneyes belonging to the publict. As alsua that the said commissar buy the said victuall upon his owne credit, and the estates and their committees sall be oblidged to releeve him thereof and to repay the same to him, the said commissar being alwayes comptable for his sevice to the Lord Humbie, generall commissar for the armie.

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