Act in favors of Lord Balcarras

The convention of estates, understanding that Alexander, lord Balcarres, colonell, out of his affection to the weale of kirk and kingdome, did by allowance and warrant of the committie of estates engadge himselfe and his freinds for leveying tuo troups of hors in the expedition to England, and that the said comittie did by their act of the date the 30 day of November last obleidge themselffes to releeve the said lord, and for that purpose gave command to the Lord Humbie, general commissar of the armie, and his deputtis to make payment to the said Lord Balcarres of the soume of ane hundreth pund Scottis for each trouper, a trumpeter, three corporallis and a smith in eache troup leveyed be the said lord, as the act beires; and the estates being willing to give all assureance to the said lord for his releeffe in this generous undertaking, they doe therefore, in ratification of the said act of the committie, bind themselfes to releeve the said lord of his ingadgement foresaid, and, for this effect, also ordaines and commands the said Lord Humbie and his deputtis to mak payment to the said Lord Balcarres of the said soume of ane hundreth punds for everie trouper, trumpeter, three corporallis and eache smith leveyed be him according to the first musteris and enrolment, and that out of the first and readiest publict moneyes being in his hand betuix and Witsonday nixt.

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