Warrant: for the Lord Sinclair's regiment to march
Warrand for Sinclar's regiment to marche

Forsamekle as the estates have thought fitting that for secureing the peace of the borderis frome invasion frome England that the Lord Sinclaires regiment marche furthwith thither, these are therefore to requyre the Lord Sinclair and otheris officeris of that regiment to marche presentlie with their regiment towardis Dumfreis the neirest way as he sall think fitting, heirin he faile not to give speedie obedience as he will be answerable

These are to requyre the committie of warre [of] the shyre and toun of Stirline to furnishe threescore of horse for carieing of the ammunition and baggage of the Lord Sinclaires regiment, and that they be in readines the morne the 16 of this moneth at seven houres in the morneing; and if the sall refuise, with power to the officeris of the armie to presse horses there or in anie other place where they sall happin to be in their marche.

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