Procedure: contract with Captain Jackson
Contract with Captan Jackson

Forsamekle as Captane James Jacksone, captane of the ship called the Hopefull Adventure, hes undertane and be thir presents undertakis and obleidges himselfe in presence of the estates of this kingdome now conveened to furnishe his ship with tuentie peece of good ordinance, threescore men of warre with victuall, ammunition and all otheris necessaris for the space of fyve monethes, to be imployed for the service of the kingdome of Scotland according to the orderis to be given to him frome tyme to tyme be the estates thereof and their committees; therefore the estates of this kingdome by these presents also oblidge thame to cause be payed to the said Captane Jacksone tua hundreth pund sterline monethlie for his service in the imployment of his said ship, furnished as said is, and tua monethes pay advanced to him, and that the saidis estates sall caus provide reid cottoun for syde cloathes to his ship, togither also with ane shallop for the use of the said ship. Lykas the said captane doeth heirby oblidge himselfe to victuall and provide his ship at one tyme for three monethes, and the saidis estats declaires that his entrie upon the service of the publict sall be and begin upon the 16 of Apryle instant.

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